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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Sunday, 4 Jan. 2015

Health and Wealth Insights for Today by Bro. Rolly Custodio and Bro. Angelo Guipo Jr.


Today’s Feature:

Health Benefits of Spinach 1 – Spinach for Eyesight
Spinach is one of the best dietary sources of lutein, which makes it a particularly important food for the promotion of healthy eyesight and the prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration.

A study of 356 individuals having age-related macular degeneration revealed that higher consumption of spinach led to a substantially lower risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Another study has revealed that spinach intake is associated with a lower risk of getting cataracts.

Research has found that higher dietary consumption of vitamin E and lutein is linked to significantly reduced risk of cataract.

Health Benefits of Spinach 2 – Spinach for Cancer
Research has shown that diets high in dark green vegetables like spinach are linked to a reduced risk of several types of cancer. One study has shown that higher consumption of spinach to be associated with a lower incidence of breast cancer. Another study found that one of the antioxidants in spinach slowed prostate cancer in animal as well as human prostate cancer cells.

Scientific study has identified no less than 13 different flavonoid compounds known as methylenedioxyflavonol glucuronides found in spinach which function as anticancer agents.

Nutrients in Spinach

Spinach is a fantastic source of carotenes, vitamin C and K, and folic acid. It’s a great source of magnesium, iron, manganese and vitamin B2. It’s also a very good source of vitamins E, B1 and B6.

History of Spinach

Spinach originally came from ancient Persia and has been cultivated in China and other Asian countries as well as the Middle East for around 2,000 years. Spinach cultivation in Europe began in the eleventh century, when it was introduced into Spain by the Moors.
The Netherlands and the U.S. are currently two of the largest commercial providers of spinach.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

What is the significant contribution of barley to our Health and It's Business Compensation System?

Tuesday, 30 Dec. 2014

Health and Wealth Insights by Rolly Custodio and Angelo Anthony Guipo Jr.

What is the significant contribution of barley to our Health and it's Business Compensation System?

This is a powerful organic plant ever created by God. Don’t you know that Barley today has different plantation source there is in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Etc. But the organic farm that is certified by Biogro is in New Zealand which means the place of New Zealand is the most organic farm compare to any countries around the world. Secondly, Sante barley is pure organic which means at the start of planting to growing and harvesting there are no chemicals and pesticides being added that’s why we call it pure organic. Why is it necessary that our Sante Barley is pure organic the major reason is to spare us from to in take the chemical and pesticides contained in any fruits/vegetables which we bought because it is harmful to our health.
Why do we need barley to in-take every day?

Before we will get to the specific answer? Don’t you know that barley is mentioned 37 times in the Bible and the time of the Old Testament people their ages reached 962 and even 969 yrs old (Methuselah). The truth is ancient people they take pure organic barley rice. God created us to enjoy life up to 969 yrs old but when civilization grows processed foods introduce and the content of foods that we intake today are having chemical, a lot of oil, salt, sugar etc. which cause people to subject for sickness and diseases. Like diabetes/ high sugar, gout, arthritis, high blood, stroke, cancer etc.

The truth we have no sickness or diseases when God created us our health is perfect but in the long run we become sick or have disease because of what we intake everyday which cause our immune system failed. When our immune system failed sickness and deceases is formed example blood clog our vein in heart and what the conventional Doctors propose is to do heart operation and is very expensive. Not only blood clog due to failure of your immune system your body creates other diseases like diabetes/ high sugar, gout, arthritis, high blood, stroke, cancer etc.

In order to correct our immune system according to Pharmacologist, Inventor, Scientist and Doctor Yoshihide Hagiwara our body needs 5,000 to 6,000 Orac value of anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables to in take everyday and he is the one who discover that in all the plants in the planet earth Pure Organic Barley have 25,500 ORAC value and this is very useful to the body to maintain healthy and stay away from any sickness and diseases or away from any cancer.

According to Association of Pharmacologists that Synthetic or Conventional Medicine that we are taking every time we go to Medical Doctor has side effect it destroys our Internal organs especially Kidneys and livers. The truth when you go to hospital and Doctors and you want to let him/her check up you. Example you go to hospital and see the Doctors and the following pain or sickness you have;

1. Your stomach is painful – The doctor gives you medicine as you turn your head…
2. Your head is painful it seems high blood- Again the Doctor will give you medicines as you stand up…
3. Your knee is painful like arthritis- Again the Doctor will give you medicine…as you turn your hips.
4. Your hips is very painful like kidney - Again the Doctor will give you medicine…as you bend ..
5. Your back has pain- Again the Doctor will give you a medicine….

Think about the five areas that the Hospital Doctors gave multiple medicines to you….So with those five different areas with the used of five different medicine or drugs just imagine the damage of your internal organs that you get from taking regularly the conventional synthetic medicines or drugs, normally all synthetic medicines when you in-take that regularly it will destroy slowly your internal organs until it will become chronic/ acute/ cancer especially your kidney and liver failed most patients they undergo dialysis. Normally those persons who undergo dialysis their lifespan has maximum of 5 years and soon they die.
Why we need barley to intake every day? Our definite answers are to strengthen and correct your immune system so that you are far away from catching any sickness/ diseases. As we have said to you that Sante Pure Organic Barley has 25,500 ORAC value every 100 grams outsmart all plants fruits or vegetables. There are Nework Companies ( I will not mentioned their names) selling products what they did they crush all 12 different fruits and 12 different vegetables, or seven different fruits. Those who bought that products and thinking that is vitamins or high anti-oxidants food supplemetns that is very wrong. Remember the higher the ORAC value the higher the ANTI-OXIDANT it gives to your body. If Pure Organic Barley has 25,500 ORAC value per 100 grams which means Barley does need the contributions of other fruits. Let’s take the table below for fruits/ vegetables having ORAC Value;

Barley – 25,500 ORAC value
Pomenade- 6,000 ORAC value
Prunes- 5,700 Orac Value
Gano – 3,000 ORAC value
Kale – 1,770 Orac Value
Grapes – 728 Orac Value

(Notes: Any fruits and vegetables their ORAC value will just fall between 728 to 6,000 Orac value)
That’s why it is crazy to mix pure organic barley to any fruits and vegetables to get a very high Anti-Oxidant! because barley itself has a very high ANTI-OXIDANTS which has 25,500 Orac value per 100 grams beating all other fruits and vegetable.

We like this Sante Pure Barley why? this organic barley was the one used by God to cure the daughter of Rolly Custodio. His youngest daughter is a currently third year BS Occupational Therapy at De La Salle. Sometimes in August 2014 exactly first week she was stressed on her study what happened was her neck was stocked up and she could not hardly move and her throat was swollen and she couldn't eat and she breath hardly and lastly she couldn't walk. She was confined in three different big hospitals and each hospital did testing of her blood and her brain but all results were negative until she was admitted to ICU her BP was 80/40 and she was not responding against the hammer executed by Doctor on her knees and she was electric. That last Hospital had dismissed her after six days because all of her blood and brain test results were all negative but the truth she was not yet feeling well that was Saturday and on Sunday my daughter wanted again to come back to 4th Hospital and his wife was crying and ask question from the Lord when He will heal her daughter and God answered her that was to “Worship Me” his wife was very obedient to the Lord, she whispered to his daughter to wait until tomorrow because it was Sunday and has no Doctors then his wife came to COG Dasmarinas to worship the Lord there and when the worship service was finished the Lord brought her a friend inside the Church whom his wife knew in Riyadh KSA that last February 2014 and his wife's husband was dismissed and couldn't work anymore because of cerebral stroke whom half of his body almost paralyze. After her wife asks that Sister about her husband status and she told that her husband was completely healed by God using pure organic barley and finally she introduced that product to my wife. My wife bought the pure barley juice worth P1,950 for one box content of 30 sachet. The dosage that she gave to my daughter was one sachet mix with mineral water for morning 30 minutes before breakfast, one sachet 30 minutes before lunch and one sachet 30 minutes before dinner. After one day of taking barley her feelings was ok and now for the first time she could sleep well and on the next day the same dosage of barley she took one sachet before breakfast, one sachet before lunch and one sachet before dinner after two days her throat which was swollen was healed and she ate well and on the third day for taking barley of the same dosage she finally walked and returned to her school and until now her immune system was restored and perfect and she continually taking barley every day to protect her health and to have energy every day. The blessings here was the Custodio family spent almost P100K in three giant hospitals of their  daughter to heal but it didn't happened and God used Sante Organic Barley for P1,950 only and then she completely healed.

Last 13 September 2014 his wife leaved Philippines and went to Jubail Saudi Arabia and brought 6 packs of pure barley and after two days, five packs were all bought and many persons were healed from arthritis, gout, irregular, high blood, kidney problems etc. . Actually Rolly Custodio's feet were swollen and he had arthritis too after taking the barley sachet juice after two days his feet and arthritis were healed. He has co-worker who has arthritis for year already and he was healed after one day. Likewise one safety officer of our contractor has high blood and kidney problem his hips has pained for many years after taking barley he was healed all of these are looking for us to buy sante barley but he has no products to give but only the testimony of others they trust him and gave their money during on his vacation to buy Pure Organic Barely at Sante International Inc. in the Philippines. In so far of any Network Marketing Companies only Sante International has 90% repeat order from the customers which means customers are going after you to beg for buying this product. There is a saying Health is Wealth when you have good health it is priceless. We remember one of the Billionaires in America was looking for something to cure his cancer and he would trade it to give all his Billion Dollar Companies just to have good health and be healed. Here in Sante International this is what we are looking for to give you good health which is our number one priority. This company also is offering you good opportunities and very good commissions if you are willing to do the business and be serious to implement this business: Aside from giving you Good Health Sante will give you also wealth or we call it Residual Income. For being employee your income is limited but if you join Sante Int’l. even you do it part time seriously your income is unlimited: When you buy a product minimum one pack worth P4,538 as a bonus you become Automatic Independent Distributor and you are entitled to earn seven ways of profit taking:

1. Direct Selling/Retail Profit from 54 % to 106%
2. On the Spot Bonus.
3. Fast Start Bonus.
4. Pairing Bonus up to Infinity with no flush out.
5. Monthly Commission (For Repeat order)
6. Infinity Bonus for Gold ED, Platinum ED, and Diamond ED. From 11th level to infinity level.
7. Yearly Bonus Giant Pool and you can redeem all your points to trade for Electronics, house and car) and you have a chance to go abroad and all expenses are shoulder by the Sante Company.

Think of this Quadrant below!
Left side Right side
Employee / Businesman
Self Employed/ Investor

According to Robert Kiyosaki, all the left sides of the Quadrant they have mentality of Employees/ Self Employed their incomes are limited and will not possible to become Wealthy. However at the right side of Quadrant they have mentality as Businessman/ Investor their incomes are unlimited and possible to become Wealthy. According to him the MLM or Network Marketing are the companies in which their Customer becomes their Independent Distributor and they leverage also to others and he considered that good business or investment. Anyone who joined the MLM or Network Marketing provided they have very good product to sell it is good investment/ business. Let’s look at the Table of Organization below (At the comments below) and answer yourself who is the fastest to become Wealthy? The CEO or MLM Upline/Investor/Businessman?

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Thank you and God bless you all!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What We Get From Cashew

Saturday, 13 Sept. 2014

Wealth and Health Insights by Rolly Custodio and Angelo Guipo

Message: What We Get From Cashew

The seeds are delicious when you eat but the most important of these seeds are used for calming your brain when you are stress and overload on your task for the day.  Cashew contains as shown in the photo is equivalent to prescription dosage of Prozac medicine while Prozac composed of many chemical as the drug producing it but cashew is pure fruit. When Cashews are well plant in organic environment  it turn to be powerful because it is not contain of any chemical.

Webster dictionary defines Prozac as First of the class of antidepressant drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), generic name fluoxetine hydrochloride. Introduced in 1986 as a treatment for clinicaldepression, Prozac is also used to treat a variety of other psychiatric disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorderand bulimia nervosa. The drug, taken as a pill, apparently achieves its therapeutic effect by interfering with the reabsorption of the neurotransmitter serotonin within the brain. 

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